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Messages & Mistletoe

The Cheshire Bay Series

Dreamers in Cheshire Bay

Steamy ~ instalove ~ novella Emotional Triggers: cancer

Return to Cheshire Bay

Friends to lovers - steamy - long novella Triggers: single, pregnant mom

Adrift in Cheshire Bay

Couple torn apart - steamy - novella Triggers: cheating before couple was established

Awake in Cheshire Bay

billionaire - sweetly steamy - one night together - long novella


Road trip romance - novel length - sweetly steamy - enemies to lovers - forced together Triggers: mentions of suicide and depression

Christmas in Cheshire Bay

Hallmark Christmas - long novella - emotional Triggers: death of parent (does not happen in story), divorce, infertility (mentioned only)

Charmed in Cheshire Bay

Friends to lovers - novel length Triggers: assumption of sexual assault, mention of toxic relationship

Unforgiven in Cheshire Bay

Enemies to lovers - single mother - hard of hearing child - novel length - sweetly steamy

Second Chances in Cheshire Bay

steamy - second chance romance - emotional

Flirty in Cheshire Bay

Steamy - novel length - age gap (she's younger) - opposites attract Triggers: brief drug use, mention of hardships in childhood


Swept by Desire

workplace romance - forbidden

Whistler's Night

Forced proximity - trapped together - second chances Triggers: mention of miscarriage


holiday romance - didn't see it coming - sweetly steamy - novella length

Accidentally in Love Series

It All Began with a Note

vacation romance - steamy - novel length

It All Began with a Mai Tai

workplace romance - sweetly steamy - novel length Triggers: toxic relationships, alcoholism, brief mention of sexual assault

It All Began with a Wedding

Vegas wedding - friends to lovers - sweetly steamy - novel length Triggers - mention of family deaths

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