HM Shander


Reading Order and Themes

Genres and Themes - click on your favourite title to head straight to your preferred retailer.

The Courting Charlotte Cooper set

RUN AWAY CHARLOTTE - New Adult, angsty, friends to lovers theme 
ASK ME AGAIN - Second chance romance, have your tissues handy. 

Books should be read in order listed, and warning - both deal with some heavy and tough topics that could be triggering to some readers. 

The Aurora MacIntyre Trilogy

DULY NOTED - New Adult romance, workplace romance
THAT SUMMER - New adult, best friends story
IF YOU SAY YES - New adult romance, friends to lover, love triangle

Books should be read in the order listed. Stories deal with prescription drug abuse and Post traumatic stress disorder. 

The Ladies of Westside Series

SERVING UP INNOCENCE - New Adult, opposites attract
SERVING UP DEVOTION - New Adult, slow burn, have your tissues ready 
SERVING UP SECRECY - New Adult, secret baby
SERVING UP HOPE - adult, fake relationship

This series can be read in any order - but the epilogue at the end of Hope is a big wrap up on what the heroines have been up to since their book. 

Accidentally in Love Series

IT ALL BEGAN WITH A NOTE - New Adult, beach romance
IT ALL BEGAN WITH A MAI-TAI - New Adult, office romance, tough topics
IT ALL BEGAN WITH A WEDDING  - New Adult, reunited lovers 

This series can be read in any order. The characters mingle through each book.

Complete Standalone:
WHISTLER'S NIGHT  - New adult, second chance, stranded together