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Reviews & Book Clubs


H.M. Shander has fantastic deals for Edmonton & Area book clubs.

All paperbacks come signed and personalized, and if you are interested, she will also join your meeting via ZOOM. Needs a month's notice for book orders, and needs an order of 10+ books. Will also include the same number of free e-books.

If you are not in the area, she also has special deals she can set up for your bookclub.

Contact with 'bookclub' in the subject line. 

Reviews - What People ​are Saying... 

"I wish Cheshire Bay was a real place- I would be planning a vacation there for sure!" Melissa, reviewer 


"I don’t usually get emotional over books but this was definitely a 3 tissue (or more) story. Mona had a life full of lemons but Jesse and his warmth helped her to open her heart and live life again. Not just being happy for others but happy in herself too. All the little things she did really touched me. Great story!" Katie, reviewer


"I loved this book. The ever changing relationship between Gavin and Brooke kept me turning the pages. In fact once I began the book I didn’t put it down til I finished it." Colleen, Reviewed on Goodreads


"This is my favorite book by this author. Izabella is a research scientist and inherits her grandfather’s company, when he’s unexpectedly killed in an accident. She’s meeting with the board and learns she’ll be the new president. Colby Pratt enters and says he has information that changes everything. Izabella is married and her husband is entitled to his share. Izabella was so wasted in Vegas that she didn’t remember marrying Dr. Theodore Breslin. I won’t leave any spoilers, but I will say I loved this story. Grab your copy and see what happens. I bet you’ll love Theo as much as I did." Penny, reviewed on Kobo 

Run Away Charlotte
is an amazing book! it is definitely difficult to put it down when I have to get to work or make dinner! Wonderful read! Well written.... each word has a meaning and takes you to the next level of emotion. I was crying last night as Charlotte talked with Andrew in the projection room. Wow !! I will be finishing this amazing story by the weekend. I'll also be recommending your great stories to my friends. Thank you so much! ---- Jacquie, Vancouver, BC

"Finished my ARC of If You Say Yes, and holy, wow. Did not see the twists coming. It started the way I hoped it would, although it didn't end like I expected (or maybe hoped) but it truly ended the way it needed to be. There just isn't someone better for her than [spoiler removed] and it makes me happy that she got her ever after. Thank you. I'll be telling everyone to check out your stories. ----Darcy, Dayton, OH

"Unbelievable. Sat down and read Duly Noted from start to finish. I couldn't stop. I so wanted to know what would happen to Aurora, and how she would conquer her PTSD. Part of me is wondering though, what happened in the summer. I'd like more of that. The poster!!!!! What's on it? Did she propose?"

"HM Shander - I will read anything you write. Just finished bawling my eyes out on the back of a bus. Thanks."


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