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One mistaken note brought them together. Their geography will tear them apart.

Keeping things strictly physical will prove a challenge…

The scribbled message was supposed to be for Tess’s best friend and travel companion. In no way, shape or form was it meant for the hot, sexy as hell American who descends to the beach to see what the note was all about.


Throwing caution to the wind, Tess decides to ditch her boring persona and pushes herself to step outside her comfort zone with the handsome, yet sweet stranger. She promises herself he’s nothing more than a vacation fling.


Besides, how could Jon ever truly own her heart when he lives in Maine, USA, and she goes home to her mid-west Canadian hometown? One week to play in the sand and surf—that’s all it can be. Until true feelings start to develop...


How does her heart stop listening to what her head warns will only end in heartache?

Before Camille left for vacation, she knew her relationship with her serial cheating boyfriend was over. When her feet hit the sandy beach, and she met Will, everything changed. In her heart, it was finally time to end things with Trey, sober up, and heal. And time to start something new and exciting with sweet and sexy, Will.


As Camille and Will walk through the airport after the trip, Camille is stunned to see Trey, her boyfriend, holding a large romantic sign baring her name. Hurt by the truth, Will ditches Camille, vowing to never see her again.

Until he becomes a co-worker and her trusted friend…

And Trey steps up his game…

Confused and heartbroken, Camille attempts to sort through her feelings and to figure out who she wants and needs. However, ghosts from her past surface, and she spirals out of control. Only the perfect guy for her will reach her, and he’s ready for the fight of his life. Will it be Trey? Or Will?


Warning: this novel deals with toxic relationships, sexual assault, and alcoholism. The content may be triggering to some readers.

One magical trip inspires her to change her life. When she gets home, making a change is much harder than she bargains for...

Weddings in Vegas aren’t real, are they?

Did Izabella get married in Vegas or not? She can't seem to remember. A drunken haze of a midnight wedding almost seven months ago starts to surface. This is a problem for many reasons, but most of all because now her husband will be entitled to half of her grandfather’s lucrative pharmaceutical business if she doesn't get the marriage annulled. And fast.


Dr. Theodore Breslin is the black sheep of his family, choosing medicine over law. So when Izabella shows up asking for an annulment, giving him yet another black mark, he's got some stipulations of his own. Desperate, she has no choice but to accept his terms--to meet his family and pretend they are together.

When Theo starts taking an interest in Izabella and spends more time with her, strong feelings develop, feelings she wasn't expecting or prepared for.


Will she go through with the annulment and risk losing the sweetest guy she's ever met for the sake of business, or drop the annulment and watch her grandfather’s business die in the name of love?

Because in love and war, someone always loses.

The Accidentally in Love boxed set

Three strong heroines. 

Three utterly charming heroes. 

Three heartwarming tales to make you believe in the power of love.

 With star-crossed lovers, a work place romance and a wedding that should never have happened, add this set to your must reads today.

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