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As of January 1, 2023, these two titles are no longer available on any retail site.
Thank you for having these as part of your collection. 

You can see Charlotte, Andrew, and Gabe in Serving Up Hope. 

Charlotte Cooper believes true love is a farce, happiness is a lie, and the only person you can depend on is yourself.

Until she meets Andrew Wagner.

Despite his charm and patience, she pushes him away, believing he won’t handle her past shadows when he sees her for who she really is. When he doesn’t bolt at the first sign of trouble, her walls come crashing down. In its wake, she gives him the key to her heart.

He is her forever.

However, Andrew breaks her golden rule and Charlotte gives him an all or nothing ultimatum as he begs for something in the middle. Devastated, Charlotte runs into the arms of Jack, an older man who gives her everything... except Andrew.

Now, Charlotte must decide between the man her head tells her she needs or the man her heart tells her she wants.

Would you jump for a second chance at love?

Unhappily married, Charlotte fears the man who shares her bed. When a water line bursts in their kitchen, the unimaginable occurs and the one guy who still owns her heart comes flooding back into her life as the Project Manager.

It’s not just her home he’ll repair; he’s going to fix his past mistakes. With her.

One moment after another, they spend time reminiscing, laughing and fighting their intoxicating chemistry as if thirteen years hadn’t passed between them. But her husband—a wonderful, generous man to the outside world, and the nightmare she’ll never wake from—forbids further contact. He’s worked too hard to mend the original damage, and he’ll fight to the death to stop her.

There will be no leaving.

There will be no happily ever after.

Not with him. Not with anyone.

Does she accept where her past choices have brought her, or does she risk her life for a chance at a new beginning?

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