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Ladies of
Westside Series

This book series contains four interconnected romance stories featuring the servers and the manager of Westside. Each story can be read independently, but there are crossover characters. The last book - Serving Up Hope - does contain a series ending epilogue. 

All books are available on Apple, Kobo (and Kobo+), Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. 


Desperately broke, Shayne will do whatever it takes to turn things around. She has a plan. She'll keep her head down, work her tail off at both of her jobs, and never lose focus on her goals. Living in the now is not on the menu.


Falling in love with her co-worker? No time for that either.


As a guy living each day as it comes, Korey doesn’t believe in long-term goals and commitments are rare. The only future promise he’ll ever make is to not settle, not put down roots, and he refuses to stay in one place for too long.


Nevertheless, Shayne is powerless to resist the infectious and intoxicating pull toward Korey. But is his lifestyle too much for the rigid, family-orientated, nineteen-year-old, or is he everything she didn’t know she needed until it was too late? Her plan isn’t so clear anymore. Can they order up a future where polar opposites fall – and stay – in love?

Do opposites really attract?

Her house may need repairs, but it's her heart that's broken.

Since her mother's death, Audrina's become her adult brother's legal guardian. While her home suited her, it's not for someone with disabilities, and with his comfort in mind, she hires the perfect person to make the required changes.


Chad is just the right man for the job - sweet, caring and handsome - he sees what she needs and is willing to help her no matter what, even if she can't afford it. He'll enlist in her help to finish the work, although he knows she barely has the time to spare. More hands, cheaper cost. Win-win for both.

However, Audrina 's loyalty is to her brother, and his needs, but what about hers? She simply doesn't have the time or energy to dedicate to a relationship. Nevertheless, assisting Chad awakens a desire in her that refuses to be silenced anymore.


As Chad rebuilds her home, can he also repair the damage to her heart?

ServingDevotion AM.jpg
Secrecy AM.jpg

Can a single night of fun lead to a future no one expected?

Josephine's momentary lapse in judgement has consequences she hadn't planned on.

She's pregnant.


As an adopted child with no information about her biological parents, she goes hunting for her one-night stand for no other reason than to have background intel for the future. For the baby. Because she has no other choice but to raise it alone.


James can't stop thinking about the night he spent with Josephine. But he hasn't heard from her. Left with no way to reach her, he does the only thing he can do. He moves on with his meticulously planned life and career – one which does not include children.


When Josephine runs into James, sparks fly that neither can ignore. With James admission, she plans on keeping the pregnancy a secret and making the best of what can only be a short-term romance. Now she finds herself with a real problem. She's fallen in love.

A failure at love in the real world, but totally in love online.

Meghan Carter, the owner of Westside, is blindsided when she receives an invitation to her ex's wedding; the one who left her at the altar four years ago. Whatever the motive may be behind the invite, she needs to show up and prove she's better off without him. On the arm of the perfect man would be the best kind of revenge.


The workaholic reluctantly sets up a dating profile and through the slush pile, four potential candidates seem acceptable. However, there's one she feels a connection with as he understands the reasoning behind needing the fake date and is willing to be her arm candy.


As she meets the guys, one stands out as most promising, as does another - the who writes the most amazing letters - but is he truly who he claims he is? Suddenly, Meghan isn't so sure, and the clock is ticking. Is it worth the risk? Because she's pretty sure she's fallen for a complete stranger.

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