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Who needs holiday magic when your life is almost perfect?

Britannia Edwards thinks she has it made. A high-profile career, a corner office with a view, and a private weekly meeting with her sexy boss to boot. Convinced he’s going to leave his wife for her, she jumps at the chance to pick up his kid in an emergency to show him she’s ready to do anything for him.


At the private school, she meets handsome Noel Sullivan – a magnetic teacher full of holiday spirit. Suddenly, she can’t stop thinking about him. Despite her desires and beliefs, she starts falling under the spell of the season, and of Noel Sullivan.


Britannia is going to learn that mixing business with pleasure comes with a price, and she’ll need more than a little holiday magic when it comes to choosing between love and her career.

Messages & Mistletoe

Tired of the same old Christmas traditions and grappling with unrequited love, Natalie waves goodbye to the festivities for a year and swaps snow for sun on a Caribbean cruise. Amidst the roof top pool and warm ocean breeze lies a promising chance at a new beginning - a singles' cruise brimming with attractive bachelors ready to sweep her worries away. Including the one who’s already trying to capture her heart.


In the weeks leading up to her rebellious departure, Natalie encounters Hermes, an enigmatic and charming stranger while in the virtual waters of the Cruisin’ for Singles chat room. Their online connection flourishes into an intoxicating dance of desires and secrets, stoking a yearning for a real-life encounter.


As the clock ticks toward Christmas Eve, they hatch a whimsical plan to meet under the mistletoe. Will this magical rendezvous shatter Natalie's Christmas dreams or kindle a newfound Yuletide passion?

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