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Dreamers in Cheshire Bay 

Mia MacDonald loves Cheshire Bay more than she loves herself – just ask her former fiancé. Between the landscape, the people, and the idyllic setting, it’s her whole world. She’s happiest showing the area to people looking to enjoy a less-hectic, peaceful way of life and she’s not just Cheshire Bay’s number one realtor, she’s also their unofficial ambassador.

On the hunt for a fresh, new property, recently divorced Zachary Newton-Garcia discovers the small town hidden gem nestled along the Pacific coastline on Vancouver Island. Offer accepted sight unseen, he’s finally ready to see the place in person and move forward with his future business plans.

Until the effervescent Mia eclipses his heart and soul.

Expecting someone older, Mia is pleasantly surprised by the dashing, handsome man who takes in every animated word she speaks. It’s an instant and intense connection, filled with a swept-off-her-feet steaminess she reserves for dreaming.

Everything was perfect until she finds out the real reason Zachary bought a home in her utopia. The last thing she wanted was to declare war, but no one would change Cheshire Bay. Over her dead body.

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It’s hard to start over, and find love, when no one forgets your past.

Pregnant and suddenly jobless, Lily is desperate to figure out what she wants from life before the baby comes. Leaving her busy, high-rise life on hiatus, she sets out to the small-town on the Pacific coast determined to fix up the family’s summer beach house and sell it for some much needed cash flow.

As she begins the renovations, she becomes reacquainted with her sexy neighbour, a charter pilot, who lives on the strip all year long. With his charm and laid-back attitude, Eric’s a distraction she doesn’t need right now. Besides, there’s no way he could possibly be attracted to the single mom-to-be, right?

Despite her repeated attempts to show she’s changed, Cheshire Bay refuses to welcome her back. Will she cave to the mounting pressure to return to the high-rise lifestyle, or will she put the rumours to rest and make Cheshire Bay – and Eric – her new home?

2021 Reader's Choice Bronze Medal winner

She’s ready to surprise her boyfriend. Turns out she’s going to be the one in shock.

Tonight’s the night. Cedar couldn’t be more excited to announce to her long-time sweetheart, at their anniversary dinner, that she’s expecting. That is until a mysterious woman shows up at their work, looking for Mitch, to introduce him to a young boy; their son.

With her plans up in smoke, Cedar doesn’t know what to do next. When Mitch shuts down and refuses to discuss his past, she risks everything to uncover details that had changed her future. In the middle of it all, her soulmate discloses how he never wanted kids. Heartbroken, Cedar is forced to plan a new future.

But Mitch means the world to her. Can she forgive and forget? Will she move on without him? Or will she always be adrift in a sea of what could’ve been?

An emergency landing, a sexy stranger, and a night she’s never going to forget.

Amber has never been lucky in love, that’s why her guard is way up. Her bar and her small-town life are all she needs. That is until a plane has to make an emergency landing at the local airport, and a handsome stranger blows into her quiet life.

She pours the mysterious Mr. Welsh a drink, and he wins her over with his charm, and sexy accent. When he extends a request for her hand at dinner, she accepts. It was only supposed to be a warm Cheshire Bay welcome for the unexpected guest. It turns out to be a star-filled night full of sizzling chemistry neither of them wants to end.

As the sun crests the horizon, reality dawns. Now that she’s had a taste of what a true gentleman is like, she’s terrified of what happens when the sun rises, and it’s time for him to leave.

Can a Christmas miracle happen even if you don’t believe in the magic?

Mona has never gotten over her last visit to the family's summer beach home thirteen years ago. That was the heartbreaking day her beloved mother passed away. Now, with her sister planning a beach wedding on Christmas Day, Mona must confront her past. All of it. No matter how much it hurts.

Upon arrival to her family's summer home, a twist of fate has her in desperate need of a plan B. In walks Jesse, the sweet--and handsome--next door neighbor, offering up a guest room in his house. Jesse's the type of guy that believes in the magic of Christmas, and wants to remind Mona what it's all about, even if she's not so sure she has any belief left.

But like Mona, Jesse hides beneath his own scars and secrets. Can these two help each other heal old wounds even when their past hurts resurface? Will Mona be able to drop her walls and embrace the magic of the season and finally heal the damage from Christmas' past?

A homeless dropout with nothing to live for. 

A socially inept astrophysicist with a detailed future. 

A cross-country journey that will forever alter their lives.

 Iris is ready to clean up her life and start over. For real this time. No more drinking, homelessness, or failed suicide attempts. Her only viable solution is to ditch her past and move across the country to the small town of Cheshire Bay. As she boards her only means of escape, she's gobsmacked to see her seatmate is the nerd she tormented back in high school.

Holden has put the past behind him, including those awful years in high school where he was picked on for being smarter and younger than his peers. Grown up and filled out, he's ready to live his meticulously planned future, forty-four hours from takeoff. However, he has to get there first. That, unfortunately, includes a six-hour flight beside the girl who made his high school life a nightmare.

When the plane makes an emergency landing and the clock starts ticking, book smart Holden needs street smart Iris’s help to get him home. Maybe together they can put their differences aside and navigate the challenges ahead. Maybe, just maybe, the road trip will change their view on the other forever.

No kissing, no dating, and no matter what, absolutely no falling in love.

These are three rules Summer Bates has vowed to honour after losing her one true love. Used as a pawn since then, both romantically and professionally, she’s sworn off all men and moved to the small town of Cheshire Bay to start over. In life. In business. But definitely not in love.

Until she has a one-night stand with the gorgeous bookstore owner.

Adam Normandy is the epitome of a small-town homespun hero, all wrapped in a sexy package. Annoyingly charismatic, he pushes Summer’s buttons. Including the one no one’s touched in years. As much as she tries to resist, he’s rousing new emotions she thought she’d never feel again. And she likes it.

However, Summer’s past arrives with a vengeance, threatening to destroy her new career, her new life, and the budding romance with Adam. Can he be the hero she needs, or will she lose everything, including her happily ever after? 

Thirteen years apart. Two shattered hearts beyond repair. One shot at a second chance neither of them saw coming.

In a small town, the list of good-looking, age-appropriate, and single guys is already slim. Being the only doctor for miles, those choices become even narrower. When a speed dating event surfaces, Dr. Chloe Tarkin jumps at the chance to meet several eligible bachelors but is caught completely off guard when one in particular graces her table.

The guy who once held the key to her heart.

The other half of a pair of dreamers with big plans for their future.

The swoony gentleman her soul never forgot. Or forgave.

BJ Sutcliff moved to the bay area years ago to escape his past, his controlling family, and to focus on being who he wants to be. Never expected he’d run into anyone familiar. And he never imagined he’d run into the woman whose heart he shattered when he slammed the door on them all those years ago.

He’s ready to make amends for the way he screwed up. This time, he’s not settling for second best, but he’d jump at a second chance - if she can find it in her heart to let bygones be bygones. Or are some mistakes just too much to forgive and forget?

Revenge is never a fool-proof plan.

Erin has learned to guard her heart and keep her secrets safely stashed away. When she’s asked to design a huge mural and collaborate on the project with a handsomely rugged man, she jumps at the chance to say yes and impress. What a gift to her business, and her mounting debt. How could she refuse?

Until… she learns who he is.

Blissfully single, David Dean is surprisingly smitten by Erin’s fierce tongue, her blunt honesty, and a willingness to call him on his bullshit, something no one has challenged before. It’s intoxicating, and because she’s a single mom, he wants to do right by her and treat her well, even if it comes across as old-fashioned.

Until… he learns who she is.

As his past business mistake collides with her aggressive social media smear, he starts to question their building attraction. Was any of it real? While revenge may have been part of her plan, destroying a heart – especially the one she’s fallen in love with – never was. Can they forgive each other or is the damage unrepairable?

An estranged sister, a flirtatious connection, and the one thing she never thought she’d lose – her heart.

Libby learns her donated kidney is no longer prolonging her estranged father’s life. He needs another, and preferably from the sister she doesn’t remember. Shocked, she’s now tasked with reaching out and convincing this familial stranger to donate an organ. But how? She can’t blurt it out. She needs to soften the blow. She needs a way in.

Enter the fun and devilishly flirty older man, Landon Morris.

As he sets his wise, ocean-blue gaze upon her, Libby fights against his charms, until she discovers his connection to her newfound sister. Suddenly, Landon has a lot more appeal, and she mirrors his flirtatious behaviour, until he’s wrapped around her unintended finger, introducing her to his family and friends – and the older sister she never really had.

In the midst of her deceit however, Libby finds she’s falling hard for Landon, and she worries the truth behind her actions will sabotage any future with him. Will her true feelings and intentions be enough to keep them together, or will she lose everything because she flirted with deception?



the series continues with the final:


Flirty in Cheshire Bay - coming Sept 19, 2023

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