HM Shander


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Camille Evans has a serious problem with men in her life, and not just with Jack Daniels, Jim Bean and Captain Morgan.

When she lands from a whirlwind trip, Camille isn’t expecting to see her serial cheating boyfriend waiting with a large sign baring her name; Trey isn’t romantic like that. Instead she deplanes on the arm of Will, her revenge cheat, and makes plans to end it with the boyfriend and start something new and exciting. But Trey is there, and hurt by her actions, Will leaves Camille behind, vowing to never see her again.

Until Will becomes her co-worker.

And Trey decides to step up his game.

As she attempts to sort out her feelings and try to figure out what—and who—she wants and needs in her life, ghosts from her past surface and she disappears with the other men in her life – Jack, Jim and the Captain. Only one guy can reach her at the bottom of the bottles’ empty promises, and he’s ready for the fight of his life.

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Please note - if you purchased the USA TODAY bestselling ROMANTICALLY EVER AFTER boxed set, this title was included. 


Coming Sept 15 - Book 3 in the Accidentally In Love series

Weddings in Vegas aren’t real, are they?

Did Izabella get married in Vegas or not? She can't seem to remember. A drunken haze of a midnight wedding almost seven months ago starts to surface. This is a problem for many reasons, but most of all because now her husband will be entitled to half of her grandfather’s lucrative pharmaceutical business if she doesn't get the marriage annulled. And fast.

Dr. Theodore Breslin is the black sheep of his family, choosing medicine over law. So when Izabella shows up asking for an annulment, and giving him yet another black mark, he's got some stipulations of his own. Desperate, she has no choice but to accept his terms--to meet his family.

When Theo starts taking an interest in Izabella and spends more time with her, strong feelings develop, feelings she wasn't expecting or prepared for. 

Will she go through with the annulment and risk losing the sweetest guy she's ever met for the sake of business, or drop the annulment and watch her grandfather’s business die in the name of love?

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