Falling in love wasn’t on the menu.

After acquiring debt from a relationship gone sideways and forced to put her college plans on hold, Shayne begrudgingly accepts a position at Westside. She hopes the tips will solve her financial problems and put her back on the path she’d planned.

There she meets her trainer, Jasper – a smooth-talking bohemian who has his sights set on her. His free-spirited personality is a far cry from her reserved one, and no matter how hard she tries to resist him, he slips under her skin and into her heart. His training takes her beyond the four walls of the restaurant, and he teaches her to toss aside her innocence and free herself from the rigid lifestyle that ties her down.

But her best friend is self-destructing, and she’s so tight with her family she can’t possibly distance herself from them. Being connected to them is part of who she is, and Jasper can’t understand that.

Do opposites truly attract? Or is that just an expression? Because Shayne isn’t sure if Jasper’s way of living is too much for her, or everything she didn’t know she needed. 

Heat level-moderate
Book One of a Four Part series - each its own standalone. 

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