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Could there be anything worse than being stranded on top of a mountain with your ex?

When Corrine purchased her ticket to visit Whistler’s peak, her only plan was to photograph the majestic scenery, not to run into her ex—the man who stole her heart and ran off with it all those years ago.

Seeing Alessandro at the summit after all this time brings up painful memories and feelings, and to her surprise, an overwhelming sense of empathy and long-lost love.

Confused and not wanting to deal with Ales or their past, Corrine can’t wait to get off the summit—as soon as possible. In a cruel twist of fate, before she can escape the mountain peak and Ales, the station loses power and they are stranded together.

As the hours stretch on, they are forced to confront their haunted past. Will it all be too much, or will these moments together heal old wounds and help them survive until they are rescued?

Whistler’s Night is a second chance romance.

Unmasking River – exclusive to the LOVERS’ MASQUERADE anthology.
A Sexy Valentine’s Day Collection! 

She came for an evening of lustful passion, but she may have unmasked something better.

Nicolette is a French actress living and working in New York. Hesitantly, she accepts a ticket to the most exclusive charity event of the year, one with the added bonus of a potential matchmaking. Wear red if you want a night of passion, or pink in hopes of finding true love.
After a run in with a less than desirable man sporting red, she meets River, a Hollywood actor with a pink feather on top of his mask. Problem is, Nicolette opted to wear red, and she hadn’t expected to meet her movie star crush.
Despite their differences, their chemistry is red hot—even though River decided to wear pink. As the night comes to a close, what color will they choose? One night of pure bliss or the possibility of their happily ever after. Red or pink?


What better place to start over, than where it all began?

Lily Baker needs a restart. No job, no boyfriend, and a baby on the way, she takes a break from her fast-paced city life to slow down in the seaside village where she spent her summers growing up, to re-examine her life.

Back in Cheshire Bay, memories of her deeply trouble teenage years come flooding back. A face from her past, her neighbour Eric – a hottie with a heart of gold – doesn’t seem to care about Lily’s terrible reputation and welcomes her back with open arms. Could a romantic fling with him be in the cards?

The more Lily settles into the beach life, the less she craves the urban hustle, and starts to feel like this is where she belongs.

But small towns talk and small towns remember, and Lily’s going to have to deal with her past if she plans on making Cheshire Bay, and Eric, her future.

Fans of Rachel Gibson and Jill Shavis will love this sweet and charming story of a straightened out bad girl coming home to her small town on Vancouver Island.


She’s ready to surprise her boyfriend. Turns out she’s going to be the one in shock.

Tonight’s the night. Cedar couldn’t be more excited to announce to her long-time sweetheart, at their anniversary dinner, that she’s expecting. That is until a mysterious woman shows up at their work, looking for Mitch, to introduce him to a young boy, their son.

With her plans up in smoke, Cedar doesn’t know what to do next. When Mitch shuts down and refuses to discuss his past, she risks everything to uncover details that had changed her future. In the middle of it all, her soulmate discloses how he never wanted kids. Heartbroken, Cedar is forced to plan a new future.

But Mitch means the world to her. Can she forgive and forget? Will she move on without him? Or will she always be adrift in a sea of what could’ve been?

Readers who like Aurora Rose Reynolds will fall for the spunky Cedar, and pine for the two lovers to overcome their misfortunes and find the HEA they both deserve.


An emergency landing, a sexy stranger, and a night she’s never going to forget.

Amber has never been lucky in love, that’s why her guard is way up. Her bar and her small-town life are all she needs. That is until a plane has to make an emergency landing at the local airport, and a handsome stranger blows into her quiet life.

She pours the mysterious Mr. Welsh a drink, and he wins her over with his charm, and sexy accent. He extends a request for her hand at dinner, and she accepts. It was only supposed to be a warm Cheshire Bay welcome for the unexpected guest. It turns out to be a star-filled night full of sizzling chemistry neither of them wants to end.

As the sun crests the horizon, reality dawns. Now that she’s had a taste of what a true gentleman is like, she’s terrified of what happens when the sun rises and it’s time for him to leave.  

Readers who like Marie Force, T L Swan, and Jude Deveraux will love this red-hot small-town romance.

CHRISTMAS IN CHESHIRE BAY - Book 4 - exclusive to the Sugar Plum Kisses anthology

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