HM Shander


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Could there be anything worse than being stranded on top of a mountain with your ex?

When Corrine purchased her ticket to visit Whistler’s peak, her only plan was to photograph the majestic scenery, not to run into her ex—the man who stole her heart and ran off with it all those years ago.

Seeing Alessandro at the summit after all this time brings up painful memories and feelings, and to her surprise, an overwhelming sense of empathy and long-lost love.

Confused and not wanting to deal with Ales or their past, Corrine can’t wait to get off the summit—as soon as possible. In a cruel twist of fate, before she can escape the mountain peak and Ales, the station loses power and they are stranded together.

As the hours stretch on, they are forced to confront their haunted past. Will it all be too much, or will these moments together heal old wounds and help them survive until they are rescued?

Whistler’s Night is a second chance romance.


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Participating Authors:
USA Today Bestselling Author H. M. Shander - UNMASKING RIVER, exclusive to the set
International Bestselling Author J. P. Uvalle
Justine Kitay
Lizzie James
Stacy McWilliams
Sienna Grant
Elvira Bathory
Lily Alexander
Danielle Keil
USA Today Bestselling Caia Daniels.